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Organized Binder Making a Difference in Los Angeles County

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Mitch Weathers
January 17, 2014

Roxy Yanko recently implemented Organized Binder and sent us this update on the impact the system is having in her middle school classroom:

“I was just talking my husband's ear off last night about how much better my class and planning is now that I've discovered the organized binder:

  • Organized Binder has helped me solidify my beginning and end of class procedures.
  • Organized Binder has helped students keep track of their own progress in multiple areas by way of having documents locked into their academic toolkit!
  • Unorganized students take more pride in their work, and I can see it on their faces!
  • I have pared down my homework and assignments to only relevant material for the student to study from.
  • Handing back papers is fun now because students are secure in knowing what should be done with each returned assignment.
  • Organized Binder has helped me in several fundamental ways that go deeper than just the routines and practices in my classroom.
  • I feel ownership over my class, students feel ownership over their learning, and thus my classroom management is better.
  • Organized Binder has helped me implement what I knew I wanted, but did not know how to achieve.”

Roxy, thank you for taking the time to share with us the success you and your students are experiencing! We look forward to many more updates and years of a fruitful collaboration. Keep up the good work!

Roxana Yanko is a middle school teacher in the Monrovia School District in Los Angeles County, CA. 

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