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What has the greatest impact on student success?

The universal question every educator asks. Executive Functions for Every Classroom shows how to set all students up for success.
"This book is a masterclass on how to create a predictable learning routine that guarantees your students' success. Mitch is my go-to executive functions expert and he's shared what works with you here."

Daniel Bauer

Founder and CEO
Better Leaders Better Schools

A Word From the Author

Executive Functions for Every Classroom is a call to action for all educators, parents, and even students. 

We can no longer leave the development of executive functioning skills up to chance—these skills and habits literally lay the foundation for learning.

With practical guidance to make these skills "stick" for students, you’ll learn:

   • 3 keys to teaching executive functions: Clarity, Modeling, and Routine
   • Specific executive functioning skills essential for student success
   • Strategies for students to practice executive functions within the context of  
      what they are learning
   • Practical guidance for establishing a predictable and safe learning environment
   • How-to tips for exposing all students to this mtss/rti tier 1 intervention

What would be possible when your students develop their executive functioning skills?

Order your copy of Executive Functions for Every Classroom and empower your students to take more risks, improve their academic performance, and prepare them for the future.


Why Others Love
Executive Functions for Every Classroom

"I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is a must read for every single teacher on the planet! Weathers provides actionable, yet realistic steps, for teachers to take to consistently create more predictable learning spaces for all students. This work has a profound impact on all students, but chaos navigators, in particular, benefit. Chaos Navigators are our young people who are giving everything they have just to survive the lack of predictability they experience every movement outside of school. Thank you for this absolute gift, Mitch!"
Jaz Ampaw-Farr
Human-First CEO, Keynote Speaker & Resilience Ninja|Be Human First Ltd
"In Executive Functions for Every Classroom, Mitch Weathers brilliantly breaks down what executive functions are, why they are critical to our students' success, and how to teach them in any setting. With this book, our students will achieve in school, and in life. There is wisdom on every page!"
Alex Kajitani
Speaker, Author & California Teacher of the Year  |. Top-4 Finalist, National Teacher of the Year
“Weathers’ book provides research backed, immediately applicable strategies to support the development of executive functioning in one’s classroom context. It’s beyond helpful whether you finish feeling validated, with good reminders or new learning."
Jennifer Abrams
Author of Stretching Your Learning Edges: Growing (Up) at Work and Having Hard Conversations.
"In Executive Functions for Every Classroom, Mitch Weathers makes the case for universal classroom routines that free up students' mental bandwidth to focus on learning. Rather than struggle through the day trying to navigate different expectations in every classroom, students can rely on predictable structures for starting and ending every class, organizing their work, and keeping track of their progress.

Today's students are struggling with motivation and self-discipline. Ignoring fads and hype, this book outlines simple processes every school can put in place to get students to believe in themselves and develop the habits they'll need for success in school and in life. Executive Functions for Every Classroom will become an instant classic, and will transform the learning and trajectory of generations of students."

Justin Baeder, PhD
Director, The Principal Center

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