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Category: Great Reads

February 28, 2024
New Book Release

It is my great pleasure to announce the official publication date for my new book: Executive Functions for Every Classroom. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has already purchased a copy. Your support truly means the world to me. Click here to get your copy! Thanks for the support,

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July 29, 2020
Great Reads: Other People's Children

This is another must read! I was fortunate to read this book for the first time in graduate school and have kept it in my rotation ever since. Possibly more than any other book, Other People's Children, from Lisa Delpit, encouraged me to design and implement strategies to make my classroom more predicable, and therefore safer, […]

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July 1, 2020
Great Reads: Powerful Teaching

Educators, this is a must read! I have always been frustrated by presentations or books focused on research and theory that lack tangible strategies for teaching. It is rare when the two meet.  Well, not any longer. In Powerful Teaching the authors beautifully weave the two into a resource all educators will appreciate. For those of you who use Organized Binder, […]

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