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Our Story

"What has the greatest impact on student learning and achievement?"
Our story began when a classroom teacher tried to answer this question.
Mitch Weathers
Founder and CEO
Fresh out of graduate school, looking to change the world, I felt there was something I was missing. No matter how hard I tried, many of my students were still struggling. One thing was clear, in order to help my struggling students I needed tools to use in heterogeneous classrooms. Resources that would move the needle for underperforming students, but also empower those who were succeeding, and everyone in between. I assumed we could amplify the impact of these resources if there was common adoption across subject areas and grade levels. We needed content-agnostic tools for use in diverse classrooms, but they were missing.

It is from this place Organized Binder began. The initial challenge was finding time. Educators are hired to teach a subject or grade level. My job was to teach Biology. I found there was rarely enough time in the school day to do that job well. Where would I ever find the time to also teach my students the skills and habits they needed to achieve academically? Then one day it hit me, I should embed practice using these skills directly into my classroom routine. If I could figure out how to do this, my students would gain daily practice employing these skills and I would have time to do my job. Moreover, I would create a predictable and dependable learning environment for my students. 

Win! Win! Win! 

What coalesced in the following two years of design and constant redesign was the initial iteration of Organized Binder. It was amazing! My students began to succeed and they began to see themselves as capable learnings. They developed agency and confidence. 

Ten years later Organized Binder is an an evidenced-based MTSS Tier 1 universal solution that creates a structured and dependable environment with clear expectations and routines. This content-agnostic platform gives students exposure to goal setting, reflective learning and metacognitive practice, time and task management, study strategies, organizational skills, and more. Organized Binder aligns directly with the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework and is an integral component for ensuring Least Restrictive Environments (LRE).

I founded this company to widen the impact of Organized Binder beyond the walls of my classroom and school. We are honored to work with K-12 districts, networks, and schools, as well as colleges, homeschools, and individual families around the country and internationally. The positive impact has been overwhelming. Schools are increasing their scores, exceptional learners are reporting huge gains, and initiatives such as PLC's are finding needed continuity and cohesion. In addition to empowering students, Organized Binder helps educators implement best teaching practices. 

Thanks again for visiting and please do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to collaborating with you to empower students and educators!

Mitch Weathers
Founder and CEO

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