We offer workshops to help institutions and individual educators implement Organized Binder. Below is a sampling of the workshops we offer to help your teachers and students. Please contact us to register for one of them or to find out about how we can customize a workshop for your needs.

Training and Follow-Up

The Implementation Training focuses on best practices when implementing Organized Binder in the classroom. The Follow-Up is schedule 2-3 months after the Implementation Training and is designed to share successes and work through specific areas of concern with all participating staff members.

Teacher Workshop

We offer teacher workshops to train individual teachers to implement Organized Binder in their classrooms. All attendees are given full copyright permission for the school year and assume the role of Organized Binder ambassador for their school.

Introductory Workshop

The Introductory Workshop is offered for those districts, universities, and schools that are not planning for immediate implementation. This session is an opportunity for educators to discover what Organized Binder is and how it can be used to bolster their work.

One-on-One Teacher Mentoring

This mentorship is commonly included with the Implementation or Introductory options but can be scheduled independently. The One-on-One Teacher Mentoring is recommended for teachers who desire or need to specifically focus on classroom management or curricular development.

Speaking and Presenting

To request a trainer from Organized Binder to speak at your event or present at a conference please contact us.

In the Works

We are excited to announce that in the coming months we will release the Organized Binder Online User Guide. This User Guide will contain the entire Organized Binder Implementation Training, FAQ’s, Q and A, Formative and Summative Assessments, and a Certificate of Completion. Educators can learn how to implement Organized Binder at anytime at any place in the world and refer back to the User Guide to troubleshoot issues and review how to best implement the system.

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