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Three Years of Success for an Organized Binder Teacher

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
August 4, 2014



Teacher: Matt Sahagun
 Woodside High School | Sequoia Union High School District | California
Years Teaching: Three



Matt Sahagun is a third year high school Physics teacher at Woodside High School in the Sequoia Union High School District in California. Matt contacted us at the end of the last school year saying, “I have given an end-of-the-year survey to my students for the past three years, and a few of the questions ask them what they feel about Organized Binder. This year, 91% of them believed that it helped them remain organized, and 78% of them believed that it should be used in all classes.

Some of Matt's other students had this to say:



"Do not change the binder organization system, it really helps a lot to have that kind of system."
"The binder system works well and the notes are clear and easy to take down."
"The binder thing, I hated it at first but I really like it now. I've never lost a paper all year :]."
"I really enjoyed how organized he was so when I asked for something, he knew where it was or how to help me find it. The binder organization was good because it was super easy to find things."


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