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Teacher One-Liners

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
May 12, 2016


We asked Organized Binder teachers who teach at schools that have not adopted the system (aka they are the only educators on campus using the system) to send us a one-liner about the impact Organized Binder has had this school year. Here are a few of their responses: 

"Organized Binder solves the problem of the black hole backpack and allows my 6th graders to easily keep track of their work and refer back to notes we've taken all year long. They are totally bought into this system and see how it helps support their work in class."  Samantha Solomon

"Organized Binder allows for a great consistent start and end to class! I have far fewer lost assignments from using and keeping binders in my classroom than other teachers in the building.  Kids appreciate the structure of Organized Binder!"  Carrie Averill 

"Students, who never had success, have found it through the Organized Binder system. This has led to a love of school and learning!"  Chuck Faber

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