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Students Want Their Other Teachers to Adopt Organized Binder

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Mitch Weathers
January 5, 2015

Diane Nienhuis, a veteran high school Spanish teacher and longtime Organized Binder Teacher was featured in our news feed in December of 2013. She recently sent the following report to us and we thought we would share it with you:

"Glad to hear you're busy! I hope it's all Organized Binder stuff because the Organized Binder IS AMAZING!

Our school does a program called Capturing Kids Hearts. One element of the program is to write affirmations. Students write affirmations on cards and share them with teachers. I have a wall of them!


I got a 3x5 recently from a student who used Organized Binder with me last year. It reads, "I am happy I had you as a teacher you made me more organized and I am happy for that. I never use to do my work or keep it until I went to your class 4th hour last year. You changed my life a lot and you made the biggest impact in my life. I appreciate you a lot. Thanks for everything."

He also tutors my underclassman now and helps them with their binders. I've had several 9th & 10th graders this year ask their other teachers to talk to me. They want their other teachers to use Organized Binder! :-)"


Thanks for sharing this Diane, keep up the great work!!!

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