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Organized Binder Helps Struggling Students Succeed in Michigan!

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Mitch Weathers
December 3, 2013

Thanks to veteran Spanish teacher and Organized Binder user Diane Nienhuis for sending us this post,

"Dear Organized Binder Team,

There is never data collected or calculated for Foreign Language in my district, as far as I know. So I just spent some time collecting my own data and thought I would share what has occurred in my classroom in the 4 weeks and 2 days since I implemented Organized Binder.

The last two years at the school where I formerly taught I adopted Organized Binder. My failure rate dropped from about 45% to 9% after successful implementation.

Two weeks ago I started at a new school in the same city, I simply tried to learn student names, establish procedures, and learn about my new school. At the beginning of the 3rd week, I started using Organized Binder in all of my classes. Here is what happened.

First two weeks:
1st hour - 16 students were failing/ out of 31
2nd hour - 13 students were failing/ out of 28
4th hour - 6 students were failing/ out of 20
5th hour - 8 students were failing/ out of 19
6th hour - 16 students were failing/ out of 39

My failure rate was 42%

Since Implementing Organized Binder:
1st hour - 9 students are failing/7 have poor attendance/ out o 31
2nd hour - 8 students are failing/6 have poor attendance/ out o 28
4th hour - 1 student is failing/I've only met him twice/ out of 20
5h hour - 4 students are failing/ 2 have poor attendance/ out of 19
6th hour - 6 students are failing/ 1 must have dropped the class/ out of 39

My failure rate is 20%

My failure rate dropped by half in just two weeks thanks to Organized Binder! 7% of my students are rarely here which means I cannot help them pass if they are not here.

Just thought I'd pass this along.”

Diane Nienhuis, MEd
Spanish Teacher
Union High School
Grand Rapids Public School District

Grand Rapids

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