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Highlights From Teachers

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Mitch Weathers
October 25, 2015


October 2015 NEWSLETTER: Highlights from Elementary, Middle School, and High School Teachers

We appreciate all the emails we receive from Organized Binder teachers! We decide to share a few this month:

“I'm not exaggerating when I say that my life was turned around when I attended the Organized Binder session at the CSTA in Palm Springs, CA and began to use the Organized Binder in my 8th grade science classroom!  I am about to start my 3rd year with the Organized Binder and it has evolved to the point that it works beautifully in my classes.” Roxy Yanko

“OB has been great for my freshmen and we're using it in our frosh honors classes again this year. I think the biggest benefit has just been how little I need to do to be able to keep this organized after I implement the system. In all honesty, the first week of school is typically the worst for the sole reason that we dont have our OB routine down yet! I hate it when I don't have my trained little munchkins trained yet! Once they get into it, I can't imagine the structure of my class without it.” Sophie State

“My name is Angela Mayo and I attended your training at Silverado High School on August 6th.  Since the beginning of the year I have been utilizing the Organized Binder system in my classroom and it has been extremely effective!  My students are well aware of their assignments and grades.  They are participating in a learning log every day.  The whole class seems to function in a more productive manner.  So I wanted to provide you the feedback you asked for.” Angie Mayo

“Dear Organized Binder Team, I just started organized binder today in my 5th grade SDC classroom. The students seemed very excited about it. It surprised me actually that they liked it as much as they did. One of my students asked me to take pictures of the pages on my phone and text to his mom so she could see his binder…I am very pleased with the response from my students with these binders. They took them right out this morning and I didn’t have to repeat myself.” Tammy Comer

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