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Gateway Community School

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
September 9, 2015



School: Gateway Community School | San Mateo | California

School Information:Gateway offers a temporary program which provides students with a place to demonstrate positive behavior in the areas of academics, attendance and attitude. Students are placed at Gateway by the district schools for one or two semesters, and may, with the permission of the district, decide to stay longer.


"Three years ago we reorganized our school from the bottom to the top. Since August 2012, Organized Binder has become an institution at our school. Both students and teachers realize that Organized Binder drives our success.  Expectations for the use and care of it are the norm in each classroom. Organized Binder gives everyone, staff and students, common ground to begin and end each class. We literally are on the same page!"

-Melinda Fore, Gateway Principal


“The importance of Organized Binder is to always be ready and know where your stuff is located, instead of going through everything and wasting valuable learning time.” -Gateway Student

“Organized Binder is helpful because I was never organized at my other school and I would lose tons of assignments.” –Gateway Student

“It feels good to have a clean, Organized Binder, it’s part of being responsible.” –Gateway Student

“I was not used to keeping my binder at school. I do like this method, when I used to bring my binder home at my old school I would forget things at home. Here I didn't and everything was there the next day.” –Gateway Student

“My Gateway students keep me organized by making sure my Table of Contents (H-Page) is always updated along with the classroom binder. ” -Sally Ploe, Gateway Teacher

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