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Sacramento City College Pilot

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
June 15, 2016

A small group of professors at Sacramento City College implemented Organized Binder, here is what their students had to say:

Over 85% of students surveyed said the system helps them know what the class is doing each, whether or not there is homework, and when larger or important assignments are due. 67% of students report that Organized Binder helps them express what they are learning in their own words. 65% say that the system helps them get and stay organized.

"Loved this!"

"Absolutely love these binders!"

"I felt that the binder was very useful yet it was hard for me to organize myself because once you failed to update your binder it can be messy to reorganize the binder back again.

"It was a good approach to help students stay organized. I myself feel that it helped me be prepared for class and stay on track."

"I like the Agenda sheet that we used, it helped to look back on what is due if I forgot, it served as a great reference throughout the week or over the weekend. and I liked the Learning Log because I was able to express myself to the instructor and provide feedback on things the instructor wanted to know."

See all the results here: Sacramento City College Spring 2016 Student Survey Results

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