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Blend for Equity

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
April 29, 2020

What does schooling in the time of COVID-19 look like for families who lack reliable internet access?

As we strive to figure out schooling in this time it seems most of the resources being shared are digital solutions. It makes sense - they are easy to share, no human contact, and students can engage in schoolwork at home. It seems like a win!

It can be a win IF families have consistent and reliable internet access. We work with many districts that issue every student a device. For many of these students, the devices are used primarily at school because they lack reliable internet access at home. In fact, one district reported an open rate of only 15% for anything sent home digitally.

Since the local public library or coffee shop are no longer available as sources for free internet access, what does schooling mean in the time of COVID for families without reliable internet access? What would it look like for teachers to send home lesson plans without email, or Canvas, or Google Classroom? Is this possible? Of course, it is, we are just in the habit of relying entirely on web-based digital solutions.

This issue does not only impact families who struggle with unreliable or no internet access. What if a family has one computer at home and three to four children? Or what if internet goes down? What if the instruction is in a language the family does not understand? Oh, and perhaps we should remember that too much screen time is not a great thing for young developing minds.

Let's be clear, we are not knocking web-based digital solutions. They are fantastic and have made the transition to remote teaching possible for many teachers and families.

However, when we look through the lens of equity we discover despite our most valiant efforts, we are leaving some students behind.

Here is where Organized Binder can help. Our education success platform blends together digital and analog resources into coherent, hands-on, lesson plans. When schools blend their digital resources with Organized Binder they can literally reach and serve all students in this remote schooling environment. For those families with reliable internet access, it is business as usual. For the families that can receive updates via phone call, text message, and snail-mail they are just as able to engage and achieve.

Here is the point, we must increase equity by blending technology and analog solutions to assure we are reaching every single student.

With Organized Binder student engagement is not dependent on internet access. With this approach teachers stay connected with families in whatever fashion is available. If internet access is a concern students simply need their Student Binder and a pencil or pen!


To make schooling in the time of COVID-19 more equitable please consider blending your digital solutions with Organized Binder. If you do, you can guarantee all students stay actively engaged in learning with or without internet access!

We have a free resource for families to help students get and stay organized. However, we invite you to learn more by exploring our website to learn more about how Organized Binder can help.

Thanks for reading and sharing,


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