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Student Feedback from College Acceleration Project

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
August 29, 2017

As our ongoing Sacramento City College collaboration continues to grow and expand, a number of English instructors implemented Organized Binder in the college's Accelerated Program. The acceleration model is in response to AB 705 mandating that Community Colleges "maximize the probability that the student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and mathematics within a one-year timeframe." This initiative supports students who did not qualify for transfer-level English Composition with an additional concurrent course, English 108.  At the Second Annual Acceleration Across California conference it was noted that co-requisite courses, like those offered at Sacramento City College, have proven successful. We could not agree more!

Here are student reflections on Organized Binder in theSacramento City College - Spring 2017108/300 Acceleration Project:

Student 1  
"The first sheet in my binder is the gold goals sheet and even though some people might not find this sheet important I did.  This sheet reminded me of how focused and determined I was when I first stated ENGWR 108.  It also reminded me whatever was thrown at me I should definitely stay focused.  I really like the organized binder it really helped me to stay on track.  The binder has B pages that really give you a chance to personally communicate with your professor.  I used my B pages a lot of times to ask questions for things that I needed help with or if I am stuck on an assignment.  Also, really nice about the B pages is that every day there was a class prompt.  This is a question that kind of sums up what the lecture will be about sometimes.  In the binder is a daily agenda that lets you know what will be going on in class.  If you miss a day you would be very lost."

Student 2
"The Organized Binders I must say were a blessing.  They helped me stay organized as the name states; however, the goal page in particular affected me more than I thought it would.  I felt that goal setting at different periods throughout the semester was cliché.  At the end of the day when all I wanted to do was sleep and put my work off for later, I would think of the daily task I put on my goal sheet.  That task for me was doing some homework before bed and that was exactly what I did.  I still wonder why writing that down made me do it, but I look at it as a promise.  I wrote in pen on that page; therefore, it was set in stone, so I had to do my homework before bed.  It definitely helped me stay on track with what was going on in class and I am thankful for it."

Student 3
"The course binder was a shocker, totally unexpected. It was made of cardboard so I was concerned it would not make it through the semester; however, it did just fine. The binder was very thorough. It had everything: Instructions on how to utilize the binder, setting goals, calendar, and so much more. The binder will go on my bookshelf for use as I need it later in my college and professional career as there are handouts and exercises. The binder is now far too valuable to discard."

Student 4
"Having the Organized Binder helped me tremendously. The binder helped me organize my assignments and papers, keep me on track by showing me what we were doing and what was coming in the future. The OB told us our homework and when it was due. It also had a goals section so that we could set goals and keep us on track to achieve them. Having a binder given to me helped me keep track of everything. Instead of stuffing my papers into my backpack I had a place to put them. I think that we should be given a binder for ENGWR 108 as well as one of 300. I believe that the OB is so helpful that everyone should have them for every subject, not just English class."

Student 5
"The 108 English writing course organized binders were helpful with keeping me updated with the work we do in the 300 class. The binders also helped with understanding what we were doing in class and was helpful with keeping me updated with my planner. When we set our goals in the goal section of the binder it helped me stay on top of my work and gave me motivation to do what my goal was."

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