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Student Bundle


Organized Binder for K-12 students. Each eco-friendly binder contains materials for the entire school year. Elementary students should receive one student binder per grade level. Middle School and High School students receive one student binder per subject.

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The Organized Binder K-12 Student Binder for middle school and high school students is designed for homeschool and traditional classroom settings. Includes 3-ring binder and Organized Binder pages for the entire school year. The binder contents consist of color-coded pages and tabbed dividers. The binders are durable and sustainably sourced from FSE certified paper.


Goals—Page A (1)
Weekly Lifeline - Page B (36) 
Agenda — Page C (10) 
Binder Check — Page D (1) 
Syllabus — Page E (*) 
Academic Toolkit — Page F (1) 
Table of Contents — Page G (24)
Passes — Page H (1) 

Ruled Binder Paper (100)

Order one binder per student, per class or subject.

*Syllabus provided by the teacher


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