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K-12 Student Binder


K-12 Student Binder. 3-ring binder with contents for one subject for the entire year. Order one per student per class.

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The Organized Binder K-12 Student Binder for middle school and high school students is designed for homeschool and traditional classroom settings. Includes 3-ring binder and Organized Binder pages for one class for the entire school year. The binder contents consist of color-coded pages and tabbed dividers. The binders are durable and sustainably sourced from FSE certified paper.


Goals—Page A (1)
Weekly Lifeline - Page B (36) 
Agenda — Page C (10) 
Binder Check — Page D (1) 
Syllabus — Page E (*) 
Academic Toolkit — Page F (1) 
Table of Contents — Page G (24)
Passes — Page H (1) 

College Ruled Binder Paper (100)

Order one binder per student, per class.

*Syllabus provided by the teacher


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