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Organized Binder: A Reprieve From the Grind of the Teaching Day

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
February 2, 2015

We recently received this feedback from an Organized Binder teacher who started using this system this school year. We are keeping the teacher anonymous but thought you would enjoy reading it as well!

"I think things are going well in my classroom with Organized Binder! I'm sure not perfect, and I'm trying to do some personal reflection here, but at the moment I'm so bogged down with so many other things, I'm just so thankful for the ease and consistency Organized Binder brings to my room. I know I can count on it everyday no matter how many crazy meetings and duties I find myself in these days. I just turn on my smart board and the Weekly Lifeline (Page B) is there awaiting my students and sets the tone for my class, no matter what daunting things I had to deal with the previous period. I don't know many people that can say when they walk into their classroom full of students that it is their sanctuary: a predictable, peaceful place, where my Organized Binder awaits. I settle in, let Organized Binder guide my students, and myself, and do my thing. It's a wonderful thing. And for that I am grateful. (Wow, I definitely could NOT have said all that about a year ago. Funny how things have improved so much!).”


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