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Ochoa Middle School

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
June 4, 2015




School: Ochoa Middle School | Hayward | California

School Information: Anthony W. Ochoa Middle School is located in Hayward, CA and is one of 5 middle schools in Hayward Unified School District. It is a public school that serves approximately 610 students in grades 7-8. Approximately 60% of students participate in a free or reduced lunch program and English is a second language for nearly 20% of the student body.


Teachers: Adrian Estacio & Melissa Dohm

Ochoa Middle School, along with five other Hayward schools implemented Organized Binder the fall of 2013. With the thoughtful guidance of principal Ariel Dolowich and many staff members implementing with fidelity, Ochoa teachers and students have made incredible gains. Recently a middle school from Coalinga, CA visited Ochoa Middle School to see model implementation of Organized Binder. On the tour the visiting team observed teachers Adrian Estacio and Melissa Dohm in action. These teachers and their students so impressed us that we chose to highlight them in the June/July newsletter. Adrian and Melissa posed four questions to their students and allowed them to respond anonymously. Below are a few of their students' responses.


Question: What are your thoughts on organization before using "Organized Binder" and your thoughts on organization after using it this year? 

"Before, I didn't use a binder and really I was unorganized and really did not care about organization. When I was required to use Organized Binder, I just thought, "Man, this is dumb! Why do I have to do this?" Later, I noticed that this was a whole way to keep my binder from being cluttered and this is why I am glad to have Organized Binder."

"Before using Organized Binder my thoughts were on how my papers were all over the place; losing my work. Organized Binder changed everything for me! Ever since I started using it everything is in one place."

"My organization was way more messy before using Orgnaized Binder. It was harder for me to find things but now my organization has really improved." 

Question: What did you like using about the "Organized Binder" system?

"What I liked most about Organized Binder is that it is so easy to use and so convenient in a way that I know where a paper is in my binder."

"I like that I can get asked a question (Page B: Weekly Lifeline) before the lesson so I can get ready for what we are going to do in class. Also, I can use my Agenda (Page C) to see what I am learning."

"What I like about the system is it keeps everything in one place and makes it easier for me to find my papers."

"...I also liked that there is an Agenda page (Page C) which helped me a lot in knowing what we're going to do on a certain day."

Question: Any final thoughts or comments on the "Organized Binder" system can be written down here:

""Organized Binder" is very helpful! Every high school and middle school should have this system."

"I think we should keep doing the "Organized Binder" system."

"I'd say "hats off" to the founder/creator for making this!"

"I like how the "Organized Binder" system is designed and it really helped me in my organization this year compared to my 6th grade year."

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