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KIPP Summit 2015

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
September 11, 2015


KIPP Summit 2015 | Anaheim | California

Information: Wednesday August 5th, 2015 Mitch had the privilege to introduce Organized Binder at the 2015 KIPP Summit in Anaheim, CA. We are excited to collaborate with KIPP schools as well as individual KIPP teachers around the country. Below is a few excerpts from educators who attended one of the workshops:

I wanted to thank you again for running such a wonderful session.  I and a few of my colleagues (copied above) attended the session and were absolutely blown away. What would be the best way to get those materials from you? Thank you again, for doing such wonderful work.
KIPP Academy of Opportunity, Los Angeles, CA

I would like to thank Mitch for such an excellent presentation at KSS this week.  It was easily the most informative one I attended.  I am very interested in implementing the Organized Binder system in my classroom and my Principal would like our 9th and 10th grade Teachers to do the same.
KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory, San Francisco, CA

I want to thank you for presenting Organized Binder at the KIPP Summit this year! Your session was actually one of the most useful that I went to. I know I need assistance in being organized and I want my students to be organized as well. The Organized Binder will definitely help me get started with being organized.
KIPP Voyage Academy for Girls, Houston, TX

I attended your Wednesday afternoon session at KSS and am 100% sure of implementing organized binder in my social studies classroom.
KIPP Bayview | Hunters Point, San Francisco, CA

First, I would like to thank you for your presentation on Organized Binders. I am excited to try this in my classroom for the upcoming school year. Will you please send me any information and materials I will need to get started.
KIPP Academy of Opportunity, Los Angeles, CA


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