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What If Schools Were Free To Invest In Student Learning?

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
March 9, 2021

Over the years, since founding Organized Binder, Inc., there have been many districts, schools, and/or individuals teachers and professors who wanted to invest in the program but were unable to do so due to budget restraints. Many of them have had the funding but it had to be spent in specific categories. We have worked with district leaders to get “creative” with funding by allocating from multiple budgets, we have helped teachers apply for grants, and some have even invested with personal finances because they believe strongly in our program. 

What if schools were free to invest in student learning?

Title 1 Funds

Toward the end of a recent training a 7th grade teacher new to Organized Binder emphatically exclaimed, “We need this program!” She went on to say that every school in their district would benefit and should join in the adoption. As we introduced ourselves, prior to the training, she shared that as a veteran teacher she was fatigued of lackluster results and was possibly considering a career change. Following our time together it was obvious that she felt rejuvenated and hopeful. Although she was excited, she was also angry. She went on to explain that her Title 1 district is using funding to purchase “crappy textbooks” (her words) and more technology, instead of resources that impact student learning. 

Can Lawmakers Help?

Similarly, at a conference in Sacramento, CA, just before school closures in March of 2020, I was wrapping up my talk and an audience member raised his hand and exclaimed, “Can you just walk over to the capital and tell the lawmakers to let us spend our funding on things that actually impact student learning like this program?” We all laughed but you could sense it in the room, schools wanted to adopt our system and were already searching for the funding. 

What Would You Do?

I am really curious to hear your thoughts. What if your school could spend available funding on what most significantly impacts student learning and achievement. What would you do differently?

Leave a comment below or drop me a line to let me know! 

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