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Quick-start for Families

Dear Families, 

Doing school from home in the time of COVID-19 is overwhelming! We are here to help. To ease anxiety and set you and your children up for success, keep it simple. We recommend just two things: 
1. Establish a consistent routine.
2. Move beyond the To Do list!

Organized Binder creates consistency and reinforces learning. Just follow the 5 simple steps below each day. You can dive deeper into Organized Binder in the Going Deeper section on the lower portion of this page. 

You can do this!

How to Use Organized Binder at Home

A quick overview of the basics. 


The Organized Binder education success platform is centered around an analog binder. Each eco-friendly binder contains materials for the entire school year. Elementary students should receive one student binder per grade level. Middle School and High School students receive one student binder per subject. 
Organized Binder K12 student binder

Step 1: 
Begin with a Reflection

Before your child begins school work, prompt them to reflect on what they learned yesterday. Have fun with this, you get to create the Kick-Off prompts like a classroom teacher! 

Step 2: 
Create a Roadmap

Use the Agenda to map out each day. Don't make the list too long, keep it simple! 

Step 3:
Get and Stay Organized

Spend a moment each day to list any assignments on the unit Table of Contents.

Step 4:
Time to Learn!

Now your child is ready to learn and be successful. Have your child work through the assignment for today.

Step 5:
The Wrap-Up

Once your child has completed the lesson, and before they finish school for the day, have them reflect in the Learning Log on what they learned.
"I just got my son all "organized" for school on Sunday night and already we have seen improvement...this would have never happened if we didn't start using Organized Binder! 

Shayna Sullivan


Going Deeper

Go for the Gold!

Together with your child set academic goals for this time, with an actionable daily task.

Build a Toolkit

Together with your child consider or create any resources needed for each class during this time doing “school from home”.

Check for Organization

Pause to get organized. Even without a Class Sample Binder you can schedule a regular time to put everything in its place. It will ground your child and help them succeed!


The syllabus is an important resources for academic success. If your child's teacher(s) sent home a syllabus file it in section E. Model for your child the importance of a course syllabus.

Caught You Doing Good! 

Transform our Passes into a fun game at home. 

Want to Get Started?

If you have not yet purchased Organized Binder for you child, visit our store to get started today.
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