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K-12 Educator Training Course

Welcome! We are excited you are investing in Organized Binder!

Our education success platform empowers teachers with evidence-based teaching practices that integrate easily with their existing curriculum. While offering students daily practice employing the executive functioning skills, habits of mind and growth mindsets that improve academic performance. 

This course will teach you how to implement Organized Binder with your students! There are 10 Lessons and a Final Assessment (consisting of 18 questions); it should take approximately 60 minutes to complete the course and assessment.

As you progress through each lesson, please enter "Focus Mode" by clicking the arrow in the upper left corner of the page next to the K-12 Educator header.

A few things you need to know

  1. Download the Guide for K12 Educators before you begin. This course will cover the content in this guide, but it will be helpful to have a copy handy as you engage in this training.
  2. In each lesson be sure to review the Takeaways and FAQ's.
  3. Throughout this course we will reference the Class Sample Binder. For each subject you teach (not each class) be sure to maintain a Class Sample Binder that will serve as a model for your students. To create your Class Sample Binder simply use one binder for each subject from one of your Class Sets and update it each day before class.
  4. You can access all digital resources by visiting the K-12 Resources page or in each lesson by simply clicking on the link to each file. These are used to project in class and distribute in digital learning environments.

To successfully pass this course you must earn 70% or better on the final assessment. Therefore, be sure to pay close attention and take copious notes because this short course moves fast!

Once you have successfully completed the course you can download your certificate of completion and you will be emailed your Organized Binder Certified Educator badge for your website, blog, and email signature!

Here's to your success!

The Organized Binder Team


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