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Organized Binder is a Powerful Tool for Students and Teachers!

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
May 19, 2014



Teacher: Daniel Tkach
 Cupertino High School | Fremont Union High School District | California
Years Teaching: First year



Daniel Tkach is a first year high school English teacher at Cupertino High School in the Fremont Union High School District in California. Earlier this school year Daniel was trained on how to implement Organized Binder by attending one of our webinars. He is now an Organized Binder Certified Teacher. He implemented the system in his classroom after the training and recently sent the following update:



I've found Organized Binder a very powerful resource for students and, unexpectedly, for me:
  • It keeps papers from being lost (everything has a specific place)
  • There's a stronger sense of unity in the class because of it
  • The system pushes students toward self-sufficiency by encouraging them to use their resource pages instead of coming to me
  • It promotes their long-term habits of organization, calendaring and reflection.
  • Organized Binder also helps me think about my handouts more strategically--as in, which would be a good page to keep as a G reference page and which, while useful, we probably won't touch again
  • Also to make sure I am having a clear and specific learning target each day because they're going to be writing it down.
So, yes, in short, it's been quite helpful. Another case in point: I have a student with an IEP who yesterday got a computer to help him type response in class. I'm going to email him all of our class documents and because everything has a place, academic tools are separated from other pages, everyone is using the same system, and so on, his folder organization should also be somewhat straightforward to organize.
Thanks for your work.

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