Dr. T.J. vari

Invest In Your Best:
9 Strategies to Grow, Support, &
Celebrate Your Most Valuable Teachers

Dr. T.J. VARI & Joseph Jones

Joseph Jones is the Superintendent of Schools in the New-Castle County Vocational-Technical School District in Delaware, and T.J. Vari is the Deputy Superintendent of Appoquinimink School District in Delaware. Together, they’ve written 6 books for school leaders, including Candid and Compassionate Feedback (our topic for today). Their newest book is set to release in December, titled Invest in Your Best: 9 Strategies to Grow, Support, and Celebrate Your Most Valuable Teachers. They are both Executive Officers of a leadership development institute, called TheSchoolHoues302, and all of their resources for school leaders can be found at TheSchoolHouse302.com.
The most important skill that leaders can sharpen is their ability to give candid and compassionate feedback. We help tons of leaders do that, and it works to improve culture.

As a practitioner working in the fastest growing school system in Delaware, I'm using my experience, evidence, and research to share ideas here, on my site (link above), and around the world.

At TheSchoolHouse302, we believe that everyone deserves a coach or a mastermind or both. Maybe you're missing out on what you could be doing to improve your skills. It's the key to success as a school leader.

Why Invest In Your Best

Support, celebrate, and grow your best teachers so that they stay in your school and continue to have maximum impact. Burnout and teacher turnover are on the rise, yet we often spend more of our energy on the underperformers. 
In this powerful book, you’ll learn why it’s crucial to recognize your best teachers, going beyond superficial gestures of appreciation and investing in them in deeper ways. And, you’ll find that doing so will elevate everyone else as well.

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