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Co-creator of Learning Pioneers & PressPlay
Hi! I'm Becky Carlzon, a leader in developing the learning-to-learn approaches and embedding them deep into the DNA of schools and classrooms. As an educator who is dissatisfied with the current status quo in education, I have built two professional learning networks committed to being the change in education - Learning Pioneers and PressPlay - for educators who want to make intentional, impactful changes in their leadership and classroom practice.
"Quite simply the best professional learning I've had in my 30 years experience" Fiona Chapman, Deputy Head, Hastings International School

Learning Pioneers: Reconceptualize how teachers learn!

Putting John Hattie’s research into Collective Efficacy into action, we provide a safe space to converse, collaborate and learn with the world’s lead thinkers and diverse international educators. Learning Pioneers has agency at its heart so you can drive your own professional learning journey and tailor it to your needs and context. Every drop of learning is powerful, meaningful and practical which ensures accelerated confidence and competence.
→ Active Collective Efficacy
→ Safe spaces to converse
→ Diverse international educators
→ Accelerated confidence & competence

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