jaz ampaw-farr

Closing Keynote:
The Power of Everyday Heroes
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💡Multi award-winning SPEAKER OF THE YEAR 2022 AND 2023 | Expert in Leadership, Resilience, Wellbeing & Diversity | CEO | Author | 1M+ Audience | 130K+ TEDx Views | Looks a bit like Beyoncé (if it's dark & you squint) ✨

The Power of Everyday Heroes

What is being said about Jaz, the "Resilience Ninja"... 

"I’m a bit skeptical about diversity webinars as they can be dry and preachy. This was exactly the opposite - personal, brave, inclusive and practical."

“It felt like Jaz was speaking directly to me, even though the keynote was virtual!"

"Jaz’s no nonsense approach to moving forward with positivity is solution oriented and encourages individuals to be the victor not the victim."
"Jaz is real deal, real life and a real wake up call. She gets under the skin of your organisation... and peels back a few layers of the corporate onion. Her attention to detail and the way she works with clients is beyond exemplary."

"Jaz is hands down the most engaging speaker we've ever had."

"Jaz takes audiences from laughter to tears in the space of two sentences."

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