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Clarity Precedes Competence:
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Clarity Precedes Competence: 


I coach education leaders to reduce overwhelm, save time, and build incredible cultures.
Hi, I’m Aubrey!

You know how we declare our amazing dreams in job interviews or we read exceptional leadership books and get excited to get a chance to make a positive dent in the universe with our new knowledge?

And then we get started and face all of that stuff coming at us?

Every plan has a collision with reality right?

I specialize in helping new principals and superintendents create the systems they need to deliver 10X on the promises they’ve made and lead authentically with peace of mind.

But my systems, strategies, and tools are universal - they adapt very well for teachers, office staff, and leaders outside of K-12 education.

There’s no doubt you have some excellent strategies and habits already. But are they lined up in a way to help you deal with all the stuff that comes at you?

And are the systems you need for success in a new position the same habits that were successful in your previous positions?

That’s my jam - I help you put strategies, habits, and tools into an if this, then that repeatable algorithm - systems that will easily handle today’s volume and speed.

I hope you’ll check out my short presentation (I have all kinds of free stuff there) and visit for more.

What is being said about Aubrey & Warm Demanders

The results you crave can only be produced by highly skilled and expertly supported staff, across the board and at every level. When all staff can access the information and support they need to be great at their jobs, culture improves and your results will become a true reflection of your leadership. This is Warm Demanders! - Lori Villanueva, Superintendent
I feel that time and efficiency have been gifted to me. Warm Demanders has allowed me to build my technology skills. The lessons that they teach me, I am able to pass to those whom I work with so everyone benefits. The process ensures that I can be a tour guide who works elbow-to-elbow with staff as we learn together. - Rhae-Ann Holoien - Superintendent

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