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Communicating Your 
Way Through Current 
School Problems


Career Technical Education Ambassador
After teaching in one New York City's "Dirty Dozen", a high school in the south Bronx on the list for one of the 12 most violent schools, and finding successes in my classroom, I wanted to reach more people, so I became an Assistant Principal.

That position allowed me broaden my impact because it wasn't just my classroom I could influence, it was most of the school. When I became a principal in California, I was able to reach an entire school community.

I still wanted to reach more.

Hence the inception of The Traveling Principal, a means to travel the world, share and help improve leadership in schools globally.

My name is Joe Clausi, and I believe that I can help make this world a better place by helping improving schools. I'm an advocate for Career & Technical Education, and a lover of all things real world applicable in education today.

Communicating Your Way Through Current School Problems

Why All Districts Benefit by Communicating Their Way Through Current School Problems...

Communicating with teachers and staff has to be regular and face to face. With this, we learn to support each other in reaching the same goals of improvement. Without this, we wait, point blame, create confusion, and show little progress.

Communicating with students must come with the ability to understand who they are, what they’re going through, and with this - why they are the way they are. What does constant distraction mean? What patterns enable behaviors? How do we foster proper digital citizenship?
Communicating with your school community has to be a part of the times. Newsletters are great - but if they’re not in a tiktok - no one reads it. People listen to podcasts now, they rarely read mass emails. And a robo call as an emergency means of communication will be hung up on 9 times out of 10.

Communicating with your staff as a whole - needs to be updated. We need to find out what staff are passionate about, what they want to work on, and how we can support them - and through this effort - we maximize passion for efforts spent at school. To achieve this, means we do the opposite of what we’ve been doing when collaborating.

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