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School-at-Home Help!

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
April 8, 2020

These are strange and challenging times. We'd like to help you keep going. We are offering a portion of our education success platform as a free download to help you school-at-home. Read on for a couple of quick videos and links to resources. We are all in this together!

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Table of Contents:



  • Print front to back or two-sided if possible
  • 3-hole punch the sheet if you can
  • List all assignments or resources on the TOC
  • Write the assignment number in the upper right corner on each assignment
  • Digital implementation:
    1. Create a folder
    2. Save each assignment with assignment number and assignment name.
    3. Update TOC
  • Use one TOC for each class - download and print multiple copies
  • At the end of this quarantine or the end of a unit staple it all together to create a unit packet

User Guides:

Our Guide for Coaches is designed to support families using Organized Binder at home. (click to download)

Get the Entire System:

If you are interested in bringing Organized Binder to your home to use during this time please visit our Quick-start for Families.

Other suggestions to help get through these times

Structure is necessary: Create a simple calendar and block out 30-minute chunks of time for school tasks and fun activities throughout the day. Consider having more fun stuff than schoolwork during this time!

Start early but not too early: It is good to get up and going early each day! However, don't start too early. Be sure to have a healthy breakfast and ease into your day.

Use a timer: It will keep you and your children on the schedule you have created. You don't want to cut any fun time short!

Less is more! Don't put too much pressure on yourself to be an all-star teacher/parent! It will just add stress to you and your children. Take this very unique to play, read, make bread or play dough, sing, create art. I think we will all miss this time once the virus has come and gone and we are all back to our crazy lives.

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