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Learning is More than a To-do List

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
May 18, 2020

It feels great to cross items off our to-do list! However, in a remote or independent learning environment, the school day can devolve into students simply racing through their to-do lists. We would never create a bulleted list of things to accomplish and call it a lesson plan, right?

With Organized Binder students can move beyond their to-do list and bring their learning to life! With a few simple adjustments, students are actively engaged every single day.

The Organized Binder sequence at-a-glance:

The daily flow of Organized Binder:

Start with Reflection: Each day students are given the opportunity not only to complete their assignments or tasks but are also prompted to articulate what they are learning.

Make A Plan: There has never been a better time for students to learn how to schedule their days than now! A plan helps students successfully complete their school work, carve out time for fun, and begin to develop the foundational skill of time and task management.

Get Organized: We shared our Table of Contents as a free download for families and educators earlier. It is a godsend if your child is struggling to get organized. It is simple to use and helps students create unit-specific packets of their work and assignments.

Build Your Toolkit: Students use our Academic Toolkit as an appendix for their class. It is a place to collect all the tools and resources they need to be successful throughout the entire school year. Examples: Tips on how to write a sentence, maps, conversion tables, graphic organizers, the alphabet, the periodic table, etc.

End with Reflection: When students have finished the school day or work session they pause to articulate what they have learned today in our daily Learning Log.

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Learn more about Organized Binder or brining the system to your school or home please visit here to learn more about the purchasing process.

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