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Purchasing Organized Binder for K-12

Whether you are a K-12 district, network, or an individual school or program here is what you need to know to purchase Organized Binder.


The price for Organized Binder is based on the number of students and support model. 


Each student needs one binder for each class. We package our materials in Class Sets of 40 binders for teacher convenience. Also available is our Student Personal Planner and our Homework folder. 
Starting at
per student per subject


We offer in-person and virtual training and support. 


Starting at
per school annually


per teacher annually

Explore Funding Options

Here are some of the funding channels districts and networks are using to purchase Organized Binder.
Title 1: Organized Binder is an evidence-based educational strategy that helps close the achievement gap, prepares students for state academic assessments, and enables students to succeed and prepare for college, making it the perfect solution for Title 1 funds. 

Title 2: Teach like a champ with Organized Binder. Our collaborative, proven, and classroom-focused platform will improve teacher quality and increase student success. Our professional development are offered both virtually and in-person and equip classroom teachers with evidenced-based best practices. 

Title 3: Organized Binder helps English learners succeed and engages parents with our bilingual Guide for Parents. The purpose of Title III is to ensure that English learners attain English language proficiency and meet state academic standards making Organized Binder the ideal resource for Title 3 funds. 

Other Channels: Course Materials, Instructional Materials, County Office programatic funds, General Fund, Career Technical Education, College and Career Readiness, Unit Budgets, New Teacher Training and Support, and more.

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