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How to Teach Executive Functions in any Classroom

Executive Functioning Skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. They are the bedrock for learning and when student have daily practice employing them they are more like to succeed academically and in the workplace. 

Thank you for the training, I will definitely be passing it on. The more I work, read, and explore, the more I am convinced that executive functioning and social skills are the two most important things we can teach our students.

Zachary Walker - University of Central Florida

Predictable Learning Routine

Executive Functions are best learned when students can see them modeled and get daily practice employing them. Additionally, students are likely to take the risks inherent to learning when they are in in predictable learning environments. This course will equip you with a daily learning routine that will simultaneously teach students executive functions.

Why Now?

As students progress through their K-12 experience schoolwork gets harder and more complex, while students are asked to be more independent learners. Young people with weak Executive Functions, or those who struggle with executive dysfunction, tend to fall further and further behind.

Student Wellbeing

Studies analyzing the impact of the pandemic on young people suggest that executive functioning plays a key role in protecting against risk factors of depression and anxiety. There is no better time to model and teach for the sake of your students' academic success and personal wellbeing.


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