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Tag: Mitch Weathers

April 7, 2015
Mitch Interviewed by The Principal Center

ORGANIZATION PROFILE Organization: Focus: Setting Students Up For Success INTERVIEW Mitch recently hosted two Organized Binder webinars for school leaders and administrators with The Principal Center. In an interview with The Principal Center's Justin Baeder, Mitch explains the advantages of having a school-wide approach to organization, maximizing cognitive energy in the classroom, and why Organized Binder is the […]

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January 5, 2015
Mitch featured on The Principal Center Radio to Discuss Organized Binder

In September 2014 Mitch was invited by Principal Center Director, Justin Baeder, to discuss Organized Binder on The Principal Center Radio. The Principal Center and Principal Center Radio helps school administrators increase their impact on student learning through the High-Performance Instructional Leadership Network. When time permits give the short conversation a listen here.  

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June 1, 2014
Mitch featured on Edsurge: Straddling School and Start-Up

Back in April or 2013 the team at edSurge interviewed Mitch in a series on Teacherpreneurs (Fulltime teachers with start-ups). We linked this to our Facebook page but we are just getting around to post it here. When time permits give a watch here: Watch the interview here

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