Organized Binder works for all grade levels and academic settings. Materials for our system consist of Student Binders, Guides,  Homework Folders, and Student Planners.

The Student Binder is the core component of Organized Binder implementation. Our binder creates the structure and foundation for the student for the school year. It establishes a predictable learning routine and common ground in the classroom for students of all abilities. This framework is one of the keys to developing noncognitive skills, executive function, increased studentness and academic skills.


Our Guides for educators and for parents are provided as part of your implementation. The Guide for Educators is the teacher’s user manual for the system. The Guide for Parents provides parents and tutors direction to support students and brings all parents into the school community. We also have guides for students who are using Organized Binder on their own, outside of a class-wide implementation. Our college version includes a Quick Start for College Students.

Our Homework Folders allow K-12 students to carry resources to and from school while leaving their Organized Binders in class and our Student Planners help students develop the skill to time and task management.

K-12 Schools

To make things as convinient as possible we deliver materials in Class Sets for K-12 schools. Each Class Set includes all Organized Binder materials for one class section (up to 40 students) for the entire school year. Each set includes:
40 - System Files for the year (Semester 1 and Semester 2 bundles)
40 - Bilingual Guide for Parents
40 - Durable and eco-friendly 3-ring binder with Organized Binder logo and space for student name

40 - Homework Folders and/or Student Planners

Guides for Educators are delivered in their own box for distribution at the training session.


Organized Binder for higher education is packaged for indvidual students  and is purchased through the College Bookstore. Each package includes:
1 - Set of System Pages for the semester
1 - Quick Start for College Students
1 - Organized Binder branded 3-ring binder.

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