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Free Download: Setting Goals Provides an Academic Bearing

Posted by 
Mitch Weathers
May 12, 2020

We recently offered our Table of Contents as a free download to help families and students get and STAY organized. We've heard from many of you, and we are thrilled it is helping!

We are offering another element of Organized Binder to help your students and/or children get an academic bearing during this strange time. It's our goal setting template. After all, if you don't aim for something you're less likely to hit it. Download our goal setting template, watch the short tutorial, and set goals with your students and children!

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Goal Setting:



  • Print front to back or two-sided
  • 3-hole punch the sheet
  • Schedule time every four weeks to set and revisit/revise goals with your students
  • Model goal setting for your student by setting a goal for yourself
  • Refer students back to their goals frequently to determine if there is evidence of accomplishing their goals

User Guides:

Our Guide for K-12 Educators is designed to support families using Organized Binder at home. (click to download)

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