How can I join a training?

We offer workshops to help institutions and individual educators implement Organized Binder. Please contact us to register for an open workshop or to find out about how we can customize a workshop for your needs.

Can I purchase Organized Binder for my class(es) if my school has not yet adopted the system

Yes! Please contact us for details. Individual teachers purchase one Class Set per class/section they teach. Individual teacher trainings are hosted online at the Organized Binder dashboard.

Visit the Materials section of our website under the Getting Started tab to learn more about Class Sets.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for pricing.

Do Elementary Schools use Organized Binder?

Yes! We offer an elementary specific version to help build student-ness in the early years of education. Studies show students who enter middle school with basic noncognitive skills have a 97% higher successful high school graduation rate.

Please visit the News section of our website to read testimonials and case studies from elementary schools who use Organized Binder.

What is included in the annual contract?

Our annual Site License Contract includes:
Implementation Training
Follow-up Session/s
Ongoing teacher guidance, including in-person meetings, email, video conference and phone support.
School specific teacher resources hosted online at organizedbinder.com:
-Guide for Educators
-Bilingual Spanish/English Guide for Parents
-Online student and teacher surveys
-Survey results and data
-Recorded Introductory Trainings Sessions
-Digital image files of system pages for in class and online presentation
-Other resources to bolster implementation

What materials are included in the annual Site License?

Organized Binder materials consist of student binders and guides.

The student binder is the core component of Organized Binder implementation. It is a three-ring binder with system pages. The binder creates the structure and foundation for the student for the school year. It establishes a predictable learning routine and common ground in the classroom for students of all abilities. This framework is one of the keys to developing noncognitive skills, executive function, increased studentness and academic skills.

We also provide Guides for Educators, Guides for Parents, and Homework Folders as part of your implementation. The Guide for Educators is the teacher’s user manual for the system. The Guide for Parents provides parents and tutors direction to support students and brings all parents into the school community. Homework folders allow students to carry resources to and from school without having to carry Organized Binders.

Visit the Materials section of our website under the Getting Started tab to learn more.

What is a Class Set?

A Class Set contains all Organized Binder materials for one class section (up to 40 students) for the entire school year.

Each Class Set is conveniently delivered in three boxes.
Box 1: 40 - Semester 1 Student Packets of System Pages and Guide for Parents

Box 2: 40 - Semester 2 System Page refills

Box 3: Durable and eco-friendly, 3-ring binders with Organized Binder logo and space for student name

Box 4: (optional) Student Homework Folders (same durable eco-friendly material as binders)

Guides for Educators are delivered on their own for distribution at the training session.

Visit the Materials page to learn more.

Can Organized Binder be used in any subject area?

Absolutely! Institutions around the country in the K-12 space and at the college level use Organized Binder in all subject areas, including electives, physical education, support classes, self-contained settings, and more. Organized Binder is a content-agnostic system, giving educators in all content areas the ability give their students daily exposure to the skills, habits, and mindsets that are the hallmark of successful learners.

What is your return policy?

Unopened Class Sets (quantities of 40) can be returned to Organized Binder with a 30% restocking fee. Any products in quantities smaller than 40 cannot be returned.