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Thanks to all of you who were able to join us yesterday for the first of six session series called How to Teach Executive Functions in Any Classroom. It was an absolute pleasure to meet with you yesterday! 

Yesterday's session specifically focused on developing Working Memory in students. If you were unable to join us here is some of what you missed: 

  • The 3 strategies for teaching executive functions! 
  • How EFs are not actually taught! Rather, they are best learned when they are seen modeled and students get daily practice employing them.
  • We learned that with practice students can grow their executive functioning capacity. 
  • We focused specifically on how a predictable beginning and concluding learning routine can strengthen working memory in students. 
  • We discussed how working memory and a student's ability to pay attention are closely related. 
  • We explored how repetition, by virtue of a daily learning routine, can reduce the cognitive load for students, freeing up working memory allowing for further skills development. 
  • And a WHOLE bunch more...


  • Click here to access our full course: How To Teach Executive Functions In Any Classroom
    • If you purchase the course with the code EF before Friday 07.22.2022 you receive a complementary one hour meeting with Mitch, a digital download of our Guide for Parents, Daily Routine, and Executive Functioning Skills graphic organizers!! You can learn about this offer at the end of the replay below.
  • Click here to access the slides from yesterdays session.

Webinar Replay


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