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Thank you for taking "The Pulse" of your school. Your district and your school are lucky to have a leader like you! All that is left to do is schedule a time to meet with us to discuss your results and share The Pulse with your school community.

Copy and paste this information:

"Please take moment to take this short survey to help us gain a better understanding of our school community's experience during the pandemic. This survey will take no more than 2 minutes and all responses will remain anonymous. Please be sure to select our school from the dropdown menu when you start the survey. Click here to take The Pulse."

Responses will be collected for 7 days and will remain anonymous. Afterward we will generate a scorecard to share with you when we meet. Your school or district scorecard will be shared with only you.

We look forward to meeting with you,

Mitch and Joe
The Center for Education Wellness


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